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Saltburn has been all over the place, and I have received numerous recommendations to watch it, so I did. The first ten minutes I was thinking this is not my type of movie, why am I watching this. But I persevered and actually it become weirdly intriguing. I was drawn into the story of Ollie played by Barry Keoghan, an Oxford student who meets Felix played by Jacob Elordi. Although Ollie notices Felix, Felix does not even know Ollie exists until a chance meeting.

Ollie is suddenly thrown into the world of aristocats, a completely different world from his own poor background with addicts for parents. Although not really fitting in with the new group, his new friend helps him every step of the way. Felix invites Ollie to spend the Summer at his family's sprawling estate, Saltburn. This all seems very nice, giving a shy, isolated guy a chance to belong, experiences he would never have had before.

I like the contrast in the movie with the first part being a fun, party like atmosphere which is a contrast to the second part filled with death and despair. Cringeworthy moments compared to the tender sweet moments, rich and poor. The movie overall is a drama with a seedy, seductive and surreal feel. Not to everyone's liking but definitely worth a watch.

If you don't want any spoilers stop now. Otherwise carry on!

The relationship between Ollie and Felix is complicated. Felix is a womaniser while Ollie appears to be besotted with the tall and charming Felix. There are times when you believe Ollies feelings are not the only ones. I feel that Felix wants to take things further.

Things start to seem a bit off with Ollie when he takes an interest in Venetia played by Alison Oliver. There are some really sweet and tender moments throughout spaced between cringeworthy moments as well, the bath tub scene is one that has been commented on by many online. Then disaster happens. Felix takes Ollie home to Preston, for his birthday, to see his mother. Things begin to start spiralling very quickly. Ollie has been found out. His father is not dead, but very much alive, his parents well they are not the addicts he made people believe they were, and have given him a nice upbringing with his siblings, who he denied having, in a wonderful family home. Felix on discovering the lies wants Ollie gone, straight after the birthday party his parents have planned for his birthday.

Ollie desperately tried to talk to his friend and explain but he won't listen. It seems that Ollie will be leaving the next morning and that's that. On waking the next morning though death has come to Saltburn.

From here the whole atmosphere of the movie has changed. More death follows and Ollie is soon sent on his way, with a large payday. Time moves on and what appears to be a chance meeting in a café see Ollie return to Saltburn this time as a guest of Felix's mother, Elspeth played by Rosamund Pike. At this point everything starts to become clear. Ollie has planned this all along. Everything.

I cannot work our Ollies motivation for doing everything he did. He was an extremely clever person, and maybe it was just greed, or wanting to see if he could. I do wonder if Felix death was untimely. Did Ollie actually want to have it all, with Felix by his side, or was Felix death in the cards months before. The cunning and deception I did not see coming until the end. You don't see Ollie's true self, in every way shape and form until he is dancing through the house at the end.

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