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Fallout TV Show

Fallout is the newest movie taking Amazon Prime by storm. Staring Lucy Maclean and Aaron Moten as well as a whole host of other stars. This is based on the post apocalyptic role playing video game.

Now I will be completely honest, I have never played the game so went in with nothing to compare it too. I have however spoken to a couple of people who are big Fallout fans who were very happy with how the Fallout show stayed true to the game. However you don't need to have played the games to be able to enjoy this series.

It has been very enjoyable to watch this, even though it is post apocalyptic. I love how it all started in the bunkers and as the show continued the outside World was introduced. We are introduced to various factions, different bunkers and the history behind the World falling.

I am trying to not give away any spoilers as the show is amazing. Obviously if you have played the games you will know what is coming. If not you are in for a treat. The show is captivating with surprises and twists along the way.

There is still so much of the story left to tell and I look forward to the second season which has already been confirmed. I hope they can continue to produce the TV show with the same feel and atmosphere the first season has achieved.

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