Board Game Cafe

Board game cafe's allow you to have a fun and enjoyable evening with with friends and family. You can try out new and exciting games without having to spend out the big bucks to buy them. We don't just have the usual Cluedo, Monopoly and classic games, although these are available, we have a range of games you might not have heard off but are extremely popular. For example Splender, Catan and Azul are all very popular and fun games, and not like the usual classic games at all. Not sure what or how to play? Not a problem! we can help advise what to play and how to play to make sure you get the most time with us.

Not only do we have our Board game cafe, but we also have specialist events too! Dungeons and Dragons sessions are available and get booked up very quickly. Dungeons and Dragons is hugely popular due to Netflix TV show, Stranger Things. We also have Magic: The Gathering evenings, Pokemon events, Yu-Gi-Oh and more. Check out below all the events you can currently book for.

Below is our sessions currently available. The main session we run is the Board Game Cafe free play sessions. You book and pay for however long you would like, in hourly intervals. Come in we seat you. You can choose from our range of board games available which is growing day by day. Not sure what to play? No worries we have staff on hand to help you choose. Sit back, relax and play to you hearts content. 

We have a range of American candy and sodas available for you to snack on as well as cakes, muffins and hot drinks. All items are subject to availability. 

We also run specialist sessions where you can book to come and learn Warhammer, Dungeons and Dragons and trading card games. We are also planning some single player nights, so if you have no one to play with these are perfect for you.  

Please be aware that children 12 years and under must be accompanied by an adult of 18+. Children aged 13 and over are welcome without adult supervision. Anyone seen to be damaging items, being unruly, disturbing other players will be asked to leave.