Back To School

This is not my usual geeky themed blog post. I haven't actually had a chance to do one of those in what feels like forever. No movie reviews as there have been no cinema visits, no blogs about our time at comic cons as they have all been cancelled. Having my children off for 6 months has definitely been a trying time. Between working from home and trying to home-school life has been hectic. Being safe at home has kept us just that, safe but peoples mental health has suffered including mine. It has been hard going being isolated from family and friends. But we have made it through.

So its that time of year now, back to school. Its a nerve wracking time especially this year with everything that is going on. Lots of parents left school shopping until the last minute in case things changed yet again and there was no school re opening. Parents have wondered whether to send their children back to school or keep them at home and continue to home school. Whatever you decided you will be judged, that's just the society we live in.

I wanted to say to all the parents out there, that no matter what you have decided to do I know you have your child's interests first. They are the most important thing to you and you would not do something you were not comfortable with. At the end of the day each child is an individual. Yours may be thriving at home whilst others may be climbing the walls and need the structure of school. People are far to quick to judge others so I want to tell you you are doing a great job. You made the right decision for you and your family.

I want to wish all of those going back to school good luck. You will be nervous and excited and it will be great. To all of those home schooling I wish you good luck too. It will be hard work and fun and it will be great too.

So here's to the new school year, to learning and making memories.

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