London Comic Con 2019

So we spent last weekend 26th, 27th and 28th July 2019 at Olympia London and had a fantastic time at Showmasters London film and comic con. It was the fifteenth anniversary so Showmasters pulled out all the stops with some amazing guests including Martin Sheen, Charlie Sheen and Zackary Quinto to name but a few.

At previous events we had seen lots of celebs walking round so whilst we were working and were lucky to have met and had a chat with some of them. This year that didn't seem to happen. Jason Momoa was seen walking around upstairs but he wasn't stopping and chatting unfortunately. Other than that we had to find some time to pop up and do the whole meet and greet. We were not able to meet everyone we wanted unfortunately especially as we had our geeklings with us they were prioritised. Although my geeklings didnt have a clue who they were getting to meet as it was a surprise I knew WWE wrestlers were top of their list. Walking round seeing the celebs was fun, but as soon as my geeklings say Rey Mysterio they were shouting, jumping with excitement and running over to him. The excitement was obviously too much and I do apologise to anyone who was in their way, they were not stopping for anyone or anything! Rey Msyterio was lovely and had a chat with them, asked them who their favourite wrestler was (my nephew said a different wrestler - don't you just love kids) but Rey took it in his stride, immediately stopped signing the photo and looked him straight in the eyes. My nephew added that Rey was great too and one of his favourites. He was great to meet and I'm sure the memories will last with my geeklings for a long time to come. The next guest they got to meet was the lovely Matthew Lillard. My geeklings know Matthew as shaggy from scooby doo. They absolutely LOVE scooby doo to the point it is watched most days in our house one way or another. Matthew was another unbelievable man who did his shaggy voice and sent the geeklings wild. I honestly dont think my youngest quite believed it was him until that point. It was definitely a highlight of the day for them.

We did go and chat with a couple of other celebs as well, all of whom were friendly chatty and welcoming. I know some celebs have a bad reputation for being a bit withdrawn and unwelcoming but thankfully I have never experienced this at any comic con. Everyone has their bad days though.

I also took my mum with me. It was her first every comic con, although she wasn't particularly looking forward to it once she was there she had a thoroughly good time. The guests that appeared at London comic con didn't just appeal to one fandom, or one age group. Honestly I think they had a celeb for everyone. My mum was walking round, seeing all the guests recognising them from shows she used to watch. Her phone was out taking pictures as we walked round and her excitement grew. She kept telling me that that person was from this and she recognised another person from something else. I was also pointing out celebs who she would know from particular shows or movies like the guests from stargate and the harry potter actors. Although we couldn't really see them very well as the queues were so long. My mum had several pictures with various cosplayers and thought they were amazing. We also felt very sorry for some of them as they must have be absolutely baking in their costumes. It was really nice to be able to share a day with her enjoying something which is a big part of my life.

Walking around the event was amazing. The atmosphere is always buzzing, the cosplayers are so brilliant, happy to pose for pictures (just ask first!). Some cosplays are basic, some extravagant, some use only what they have around their home, whilst others are happy to pay out and buy exact replicas and high end items. This really doesn't matter though as they all come together to celebrate and enjoy their love of cosplay and favourite shows or characters. The annual cosplay masqueradas final was also held there on the 27th. We did not get to see this but just by the impressive cosplays we saw walking round I know it was a good final.

The great thing about comic con is that it was not just the guests, cosplay or the stalls there are also lots of other things to see and do. The gaming bus was very popular, surprise, surprise. There were opportunities to see upcoming movie trailors, free gifts were being handed out at certain places and so much more. The other display my geeklings enjoy was the Lego Brick display. OMG there were some amazing pieces of lego. The hours of hard work they must take and the patience is phenomenal.

I think overall it was an exceptional event especially this year. There seems to be more and more to do unlike over events ive been to where it is just guests and stalls. Yes they do talks and q&a sessions but not everyone wants to watch that especially if they have young children with them. Sometimes it is very hard to entertain younger fans at these types of events. There was a good range of activities on offer to entertain people of all ages. I for one am looking forward to next year and all the geeky goodness it will bring with it.

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