Plastic Pollution

In this day and age plastic pollution is a huge problem! If you haven't heard about the issue, have you been living under a rock? Seriously! its been on the news in documentaries and even if you haven't been watching plastic is everywhere. There are specialist stores popping up all over the place selling only plastic free items, campaigns to pick up plastic when you visit the beach. There are so many plastic free alternatives out there.

You may be wondering why a company selling movie memorabilia and pop culture items is writing a blog post on plastic waste. Well I will enlighten you! Over the past year we have been taking steps to try and reduce the amount of plastic waste we have at home, and let me tell you it isn't easy! For instance I have used bamboo toothbrushes, solid shampoos and conditioners with no packaging. To be honest I quiet like the shampoos and conditioners but no one liked the bamboo toothbrushes. I care about the environment and I want to ensure that my little geeklings can enjoy it, and their geeklings too!

We have decided to carry on doing our best to reduce single use plastic not only at home, but at work too. We already reuse all packaging sent to us. There is no point not reusing it whether it is plastic or not. Reduce, reuse, recycle! In additional to this we have also been using bio degradable carrier bags for the last six months. We are however in the process of finding paper carrier bags which are strong enough, large enough and still in the same price range. If for any reason we are unable too get paper carrier bags from time to time we will return to using the bio degradable ones.

We are also trying to find environmentally friendly/plastic free packaging options. So if you receive your order from us and the packaging is a bit mix and match it will be due to us reusing packaging. Don't worry though no matter what we will continue to thoroughly package your items so they are received in mint condition!

I know that someone will point out that a lot of our products actually are plastic. This is unfortunately out of our control. We supply products are customers want and are not able to control what the manufacturers use. Although saying that some companies are starting to produce bio degradable items and reduce their plastic packaging.

We are always pleased to hear suggestions and if anyone has any ideas how we can reduce we plastic waste even more then please get in contact, we are open to ideas.

We don't think that this will change the World but every little helps and we are trying to do our part. If any of you are also trying to go down the plastic free route good for you and good luck!

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