The London Toy Fair 2019

The London Toy Fair 2019 was an amazing day. It was held at Olympia over three days, the 22nd, 23rd and 24th January. It was set over both floors and even in to the rooms off to the side of the hall. The atmosphere was fun and buzzing with excitement. The stalls all looked amazing, no two alike. People were dressed up walking around the venue as children's characters like Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, the hungry caterpillar and so many more. Everyone was friendly and helpful and show casing some amazing products. Although there were queues going into the exhibition once inside it was not too busy and easy to get round everywhere. Obviously we were mainly interested in pop culture side of things and we were not disappointed! We had a look around all the stalls as didn't want to miss anything! Some companies we thought would not be appropriate for our business, but actually they had products that would fit in with what we sell. There were a couple of stands we could get into, Lego being the main one as it was by appointment only. We did however get to go into the entrance and see the amazing models you always expect from Lego.

Walking round we saw some absolutely stunning statues of various characters at various stalls. These are just a couple of them, but we saw hundreds. They were all shapes and sizes. The new fortnite figures coming out soon look great and we even got to see a couple of prototypes for new ones coming later in the year. We were also told there are lots more reveals happening over the next few weeks at other toy fairs.

Funko were there show casing some of the old as well as some of the new pops coming soon. These were actually revealed the day before the event and were shared by a lot of funko communities on Facebook. I was a bit disappointed with the Games of Thrones White Walker on horse as it was surprisingly small, being only slightly larger than a standard sized pop. The Toy Story ride pop with Woody on the RC car look amazing. I was also disappointed that the 10" Dumbo was not on display as I really want to see that one! Funko were all clearly displayed with mystery minis, pens, t-shirts etc all being on display. They also had on show the loungefly range. Speaking to one of the account managers they are planning on doing so much more with funko and loungefly so watch this space as I am intrigued with where they will be taking the company next.

I had to sign a non disclosure agreement at various stalls as they had items which were still a work in progress, so there were some fab items that i cant even tell you about :( They will all be out later on in the year though, so not too long to wait. We had some great chats with lots of new suppliers, have opened several new accounts and have lots more leads to follow up!

The amount of board games and card games relating to pop culture was surprisingly extentsive. This is definatly something we will be looking into more. A few to mention were the stranger things, deadpool, supermario although so many more were available.

The highlight of the day though was meeting Warwick Davis, who was there promoting the new Tenables board (which will be available from June time) He was doing interviews at the time which was broadcast on TVs throughout the venue. Knowing he was there we went straight over to see if we could meet him. He was a lovely man, very friendly and kindly agreed for us to have photos with him. He even did an autograph for our children who weren't there and are big fans of his! They were so pleased with it, it is now framed and on the wall.

Unfortunately you have to be a trader or media to attend the toy fair. Nothing is available to buy on the day but you might get a few freebies! It is a fun day out so if you get the opportunity to go I would definitely recommend it. We are so looking forward to next year already!

To see more photos and items from the London Toy Fair pop over to our facebook page

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