The End of an Era?

With more and more comic conventions being cancelled or postponed are comic cons going out of fashion?

The larger comic conventions seem to be going strong still, although London Film and Comic Con this year seemed to pull out the big guns in terms of celebrities announced. David Tennant was announced on the Saturday to appear on the Sunday.

I have attended several smaller independent comic conventions in the south east of England over recent years where they have been so busy there was a huge demand for them to expand. This year several of them have done just that by moving to a larger venue or extending the event from one day to two days. Yet they have failed to increase attendance resulting in higher costs for the organisers and the traders with no increase in income. Therefore it seems as though most of them are reverting back to their original plans. The demand for the bigger or longer conventions was just not there. Whether this was due to the celebrities not being big enough to draw the crowds, or everyone having to tighten their belts and a convention just not being an essential expense I'm not sure. It was probably a mix of several reasons.

Hopefully the smaller conventions will be able to stand their own. They are definitely more family orientated offering smaller, less busy events. These events are also better for those with anxiety or children (and adults alike) on the Autism spectrum or any other condition. They are also easier to get to for local people giving them a chance to experience a convention without having to travel to a large venue usually based in large city centres like London or Birmingham.