Spider-Man: Homecoming

Now I have been looking forward to seeing Spider-Man since Tom Hollands debut in civil war. He brought a fun element to the character which I really enjoyed. Tom Holland portrays a 14/15 year old beautifully even being a twenty year old. He brings a wonderful boyish charm back to the character.

To be honest there was so much hype over this movie in the last few weeks I did wonder if it would disappoint. Apprehensive on going in, I am happy to say it did not disappoint at all. I was pleasantly surprised at the whole feel of the film. Humorous, action packed and as realistic as you can get for a superhero movie. Spider-Man struggles, finding things difficult both in his life as Peter Parker and Spider-Man. He acts as a teenager should, reacting appropriately to the situations.

I also though they had brought Robert Downey Junior in as the movie needed a big star, but in all honesty he wasn't needed. Tom Hollands holds his own, the storyline was interesting. I was never left wanting more, or waiting for the next action scene. Saying that Robert Downey Jr played iron man as great as always. He is always a popular, eccentric character that you cant help but enjoy watching. Michael Keaton was another big name in the movie. He played the villain amazingly. The storyline allowed you to see both sides of his story and why he did what he did. It gave him more depth as a character which benefited the storyline.

There has been lots of debate on who plays spider man better Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield or Tom Hollands. For me each of them bring their own strengths and weaknesses. For me Tom Hollands is my favourite bringing a more fun and young insight into the character which I feel fits better with the comic book version. Also as it is now back in Marvels hands it has a more humorous and family orientated feel to it.