Welcome to my blog!

Hello everyone! and welcome to my brand new sparkling blog. I thought I would do some reviews of new movies out, and new geeky items I come across. I am going to show some cool funky products not just what I stock but lots of other items out there. This blog is going to focus on funko pops in particular as the SDCC (San Diego Comic Con for those who don't know) are released in a few weeks time. I am a in box collector and I only tend to collect the walking dead ones and specific ones I really like (for example dumbo as it was my favourite film growing up). I wish I could collect all the ones I want to, but there are way too many I have no where to display them and lets be honest not enough money to buy them all anyways!

Lets start off with a review of the SDCC funko pops 2017. There have been so many waves of pops and lots of opinions, both good and bad. They have all now been announced so no spoliers in this blog. These are a few of the many pops released.

My view is they have released way to many! Wave after wave, 14 in total, many of which could have easily been standard pops. These are meant to be exclusive pops so why so many? I know lots of people are happy as they are very likely to get at least one pop they are after but is the pop of being a collector to buy the standard ones and hunt the exclusive ones. If they are all easy to get it kind of takes away from the enjoyment of being a collector. The holy grails of funko pops make your collection. There are several grails that I am after but I enjoy trying to hunt them down, get a bargain if possible and having that buzz that I have finally found it.

Saying that, there are several SDCC ones that I am after. Dean in impala looks amazing! the two harry potter ones - harry on broom and luna lovegood are great. The dorbz rides also look fantastic - and I don't collector dorbz. So there are some that are amazing and deserve to be exclusives.

There are even more batman pops and with the already huge number of them in existence did we really need more? The Walking Dead is hugely popukar and with so many great characters coming into it where are the pops? I was hoping for an Ezekiel with lion pop so was disappointed not too see it (but funko have said its in the pipeline so hopefully soon)

There have been lots of talk lately in the chatrooms regarding Funko that they may go the way of beanie babies and suddenly loss all interest in them. If this does happen I cant see it happening anytime soon. There are some collectors who are selling up, as I often get offers of buying the complete set, but just as many if not more are just starting out, and it can be quite addictive (as I found out too late). Also the other reason I cant see this happening is because they are based on licensed characters. As long as they continue to do characters from the latest films and TV there will be a demand for them. It would be nice to see the figures evolve over time and I am intrigued by the new original monster line that they are bringing out.

I do think Funko need to be a bit better with the chase pops. Again if they are so easy to come by they loss some of their appeal. Yes its great to have some 1 in 6 chases, but not all of them. Some need to be 1/12, 1/24 or 1/72. Collecting is about hunting down the rare ones. Also if you have a large characters (hulk for example) lets see him as a 6inch or 9inch. Voltron should have been a 9inch vinyl in my opinion.

There are some very talented people out there who make custom funko pops. I have seen some that are better than the versions funko have released. I have seen ones used on the top of wedding cakes made to look like the bride and groom and some amazing ones that funko really do need to release!