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Whether it is awkward parent texts or autocorrect fails, this game is sure to have you in hysterics! Autocorrect is a hilarious modern-day game perfect for those who can relate to sending that text too ducking quickly! Do you and your friends think you can decipher the autocorrected text messages? The aim of the game is to earn the most points by deciphering wacky autocorrected Text messages, and there are hundreds of hilarious auto-correction moments, that everyone can relate to, for example: The offer just got a new unicorn! (#office #uniform) and There is a paster in the fridge if you become unhinged! ( #pasta #hungry). Autocorrect creates a great party game, across all generations and is perfect for dinner parties, games night or family get togethers. Ideal for 2 or more players age 12 years and over.

Autocorrect Game

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