from a dream to reality...       

Running our own business and being our own boss has always been something we wanted to do. When the chance presented itself we took it. It was scary and exciting and so many other emotions all at the same time. We had two very young children at the time which made everything even more dubious. The business has been successful through hard work, determination and a lot of luck, although there has been bad times as well. There have been problems with finding suppliers, suppliers letting us down as well as having comic cons cancelling at the last minute. Logistics have also caused problems at times especially when travelling for events. 


It has allowed us to enjoy what we do and be able to spend much more time as a family. We hope to continue growing our business over the coming years and are so thankful for everyone's support. We are already set up on facebook and twitter and are hoping to extend our brand on to youtube. We want to be able to share our passion for what we do in a more connective and visual way.

All About Us!

Hello and welcome to our store! We are a husband and wife team, Danny and Lorraine, who loves TV and movies. We are lucky enough to sell at comic conventions where we get to meet like minded people (and a few of our favourite celebrities along the way!) We hope you like our website. We hope to update lots of pictures and video from all the conventions we go to. Below is a bit more information about each of us so you know who you are buying from. We are here to help, so please contact us if we can help you in any way. Oh and don't forget to check out our Facebook page for some coming soon posts, interactive posts, movie trailers and lots of other great stuff!

Hi I'm Lorraine co owner of the movie shack. I have always liked marvel, DC comics etc. but it wasn't until I met my husband that my true geek come out. He has got me to like zombies movies (world war z is my favourite) and I watch the walking dead every week. I am also a huge potter head. I haven't been to harry potter world yet but will be soon, photos will be updated when I get there!

I love going to comic conventions. The whole atmosphere is always amazing. I get to meet some great people and chat about all the things I love. The cosplays are brilliant to see as well. The time and effort some people put into it is phenomenal.

I have a harry potter collection mainly the exclusive funko pops and the 3D puzzles which look absolutely amazing! 

Hi I'm Danny. I am a huge walking dead fan. I have been lucky enough to volunteer at walker stalker for the last two years, and cant wait to do it again next year. It is brilliant to do and highly recommend it to everyone. 


I collect the walking dead funko pops, which is not too far of completion. I also have a replica Lucille and FX lightsabre pride of place in my front room.

My house has several movie posters  hanging up, but my favourite has to be the pearl harbour. It was an amazing movie and the poster is awesome.

I also love Lego and have a millennium falcon and Wall E (the best Disney character ever)